Puppy dies after being poisoned, thrown away in dumpster just days after being given away free ‘to a good home’

A dog found whimpering in a dumpster earlier this week has died in what authorities believe was a case of animal poisoning.

The abandoned 6-month-old puppy was discovered Tuesday crying in a San Antonio dumpster and rescued, KABB-TV reports.  An animal care organization says the canine was poisoned and was in dire need of medical attention, according to a now-deleted Facebook post from the group, Handme-Down Hounds.

“Someone poisoned this puppy and threw him away. Like he was trash,” the post states.

While the dog underwent emergency treatment, it died Tuesday night after having convulsions, the television station reports. A microchip in the dog led officials to a previous owner, who said she had given the pup away “to a good home” for free.

Handme-Down Hounds says it is opposed to such careless practices. It’s possible that the dog was given as a holiday present, which experts tend to advise against.

“We are against ‘free to good home’ and we are AGAINST Christmas puppies that are LITERALLY thrown away after the holiday,” the group’s Facebook page stated.

People who accept pets without paying may view them as disposable, according the animal advocacy organization Almost Home Adoptions. Pets can be expensive and it’s important that whoever becomes a pet owner is responsible and has the means to care for the animal.

And while many people have good intentions, some may not. Those who take “free to good home” animals may use them for fighting, sell them for research or feed them to predator pets such as alligators and snakes.

Animal cruelty is a crime under both San Antonio and Texas laws. Call 210-207-6000 to report information about the case.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]