Drunk Spirit Airlines passenger urinates all over bathroom, verbally abuses flight attendant: Police

A passenger who boarded a Spirit Airlines flight was arrested Thursday for allegedly urinating all over the plane’s bathroom floor in a drunken stupor.

According to WBBH, Dante Bencivenga, of Fort Myers, Florida, boarded a flight to Detroit, Michigan, but was instructed to exit the aircraft after the crew discovered he had peed all over the bathroom. A hostile Bencivenga, 58, began hurling profanities at a flight attendant, prompting an agent to call airport police.

Bencivenga reportedly told police at Southwest Florida International Airport that he wanted to file a complaint against the airline for accusing him of being drunk. Meanwhile, officers noted that the reeked of alcohol and denied his request to perform a breathalyzer. A flight attendant also recalled seeing–and smelling–the boozy passenger sleeping at the gate as he waited to board the Detroit-bound flight, WBBH noted.

WFTX reports that agents attempted to book Bencivenga for a flight leaving the next day but he continued to behave belligerently and refused to leave the airport.

Even after police told him he would be arrested if he didn’t exit the concourse, officers said the 58-year-old put his hands behind his back and refused to budge.

“I’m not leaving,” he reportedly said.

“Go ahead and put the bracelets on me.”

In addition to receiving a yearlong ban from Southwest Florida International Airport, Bencivenga was arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly intoxication in a public place.

WFTX reports that the Florida man was released from Lee County Jail Friday morning after posting $2,250 bond.


[Featured Image: Dante Bencivenga/Lee County Jail]