Dad who claimed daughter fatally shot herself while playing with gun also accused of sexually abusing her months before her death: Report

An Oklahoma father who reportedly claimed his daughter fatally shot herself last year will be tried for her murder after detectives determined that it was impossible for the shot to have been self-inflicted.

According to Tulsa World, Ronald Lee McMullen Jr., 43, claimed his ex-cheerleader daughter, Kailee McMullen, 22, was “playing with a wheel-gun” when she shot herself in the face. Ronald also stated that his daughter had the gun pointed towards her face and her thumb on the trigger when he attempted to take the gun and it went “pop,” police said.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by People, police found the victim’s mother performing CPR on her deceased daughter and the father covered in blood.

Detective Brian Franks noted that Kailee’s body was moved from the kitchen to the living room. Ronald also “kept trying to wipe off the blood all over him with a towel” as he was being photographed and officers had to physically restrain him to stop him from doing so, according to a search warrant.

The Oklahoman reported that Franks testified that gunpowder residue directly contradicted Ronald’s story. He also revealed that Kailee had an entry wound on the side of her nose and “stippling” marks on her face due to gun residue.

The detective said that tests proved that the gun was fired from 18 inches away. Kailee could’ve only held the gun between 11 and 14 inches away, he claimed.

Police also characterized Ronald as an extremely controlling father figure: his wife testified that he would often track their daughter’s phone, according to the paper.

Kailee had reportedly told friends that her father had molested her in the months before her death. The arrest affidavit also alleged that Ronald had inappropriately touched Kailee in 2007 when she was 14. People reported that he was never criminally charged.

“Through interviews with the victim’s friends, the victim had expressed to them that McMullen was again sexually abusing her within the last couple of months,” the detective wrote in a court affidavit.

Ronald was arrested in connection with the fatal shooting on July 6. Special Judge Steve Stice determined this week that there is enough evidence for Ronald to be tried on first-degree murder charges.


[Featured Image: Ronald McMullen/Cleveland County Jail; Kailee McMullen/Facebook]