Teen allegedly caught molesting horse named Polly tells mortified owners that he just wanted to pet her

An Alabama man was reportedly held at gunpoint after being caught in a barn stall trying to molest a horse.

Al.com reported that Daniel Bennett, 18, was caught trying to molest a 20-year-old horse named Polly Thursday night. Polly’s owner, Francine Janes, told police that she believed that the horse was tampered with on several occasions in December.

Janes claimed that her dogs alerted her to Bennett’s presence. Upon finding him, Janes instructed her husband to hold the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived, according to Lagniappe Weekly.

Speaking with WPMI, Janes claimed that Bennett had visited the stall anywhere from seven to 10 times.

“Toilet paper had been left. The haystacks had been removed. Items had been turned over. And that’s as far as I want to go,” she said.

After being caught, the 20-year-old allegedly explained to Janes that he liked horses and wanted to pet the horse.

Bennett not only admitted to owning the trench coat and burglar’s tools that officers recovered from the barn but he ultimately confessed to molesting Polly, Lagniappe Weekly reported.

An arrest warrant obtained by Al.com lists bestiality as a misdemeanor and claims Bennett “engaged in or submitted to any sexual contact with an animal, to-wit: a horse.”

“I sincerely hope the judge mandates that he goes for psychiatric help but just not a slap on the wrist, “ Janes said.

Bennett was charged with possession of burglar’s tools, sexual misconduct, and second-degree criminal trespassing. He reportedly appeared before a judge on Tuesday and is scheduled to go on trial on January 18.

[Featured Image: Daniel Bennett/Mobile Metro Jail]