‘I heard there was a lot of blood’: Newly-uncovered footage shows Jodi Arias denying role in ex-boyfriend’s murder

Newly uncovered video has surfaced that shows convicted murderer Jodi Arias claiming she did not kill her former boyfriend, the DailyMail reports.

The footage is part of an upcoming television program, “Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery,” which takes a look at the 2008 death of Travis Alexander. His murder and Arias’ trial were the subject of intense media scrutiny at the time and had captivated the nation, even drawing attention from now-President Donald Trump, according to E! News.

The story begins with Arias and Alexander dating. While their formal relationship lasted only a few months, they continued to have sexual encounters. As Alexander started seeing other women, Arias became jealous and confrontational, prosecutors say. Arias has claimed Alexander was abusive and hot-headed.

His body was discovered in June 2008 at his home in Mesa, Arizona, with numerous stab wounds, a slit throat and a gunshot wound.

The new footage begins with a recording of a phone call with Mesa Detective Steve Flores, during which time, unbeknownst to her, Arias was already considered a suspect.

“I just want to offer any assistance I might have. I was a really good friend of Travis’,” Arias said in the call. “I heard that he passed away and I heard there was a lot of blood. I heard that his roommate found him or his friend found him or people were… I’m sorry, it’s odd. I’m just upset.’”

Later, in a face-to-face meeting with police, Flores questioned Arias’ trip from Yreka, California, to Salt Lake City, Utah.

“So, this trip took you a little over 48 hours. I have a problem with this trip,” Flores said during the meeting. “If you slept for 10 hours, it would still leave 18 some odd hours. That’s when Travis was killed.”

Arias claims she wasn’t anywhere near Mesa, but Flores doubles down.

“You were at Travis’ house, you guys had a sexual encounter, which there’s pictures. And I know you know there’s pictures, because I have them,” he said.

A camera was discovered in a washing machine at Alexander’s house and contained images of the two having a sexual encounter the day he was killed. The images showed Arias was in bed without clothes on.

That was enough evidence for Flores.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that you did this. None,” Flores told Arias. “So you can go until you are blue in the face and tell me you weren’t there and you had nothing to do with it. I won’t believe you.”

Arias continued to deny having any involvement in the crime, telling Flores, “There’s no reason for it.”

“There’s no reason why. There’s no reason I would ever want to hurt him,” she said.

Flores then reads Arias her Miranda rights. Arias was later convicted of first-degree premeditated murder in a high-profile trial that exposed various sexual fetishes she and Alexander participated in.

She was sentenced to prison for life.

The television program spans three days and begins Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on Investigation Discovery.

[Feature Photo: Jodi Arias/Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic via AP, Pool, File]