U.S. Marshals searching for ‘mom’ wanted for killing 5-month-old baby girl: Police

A 19-year-old Georgia woman allegedly murdered her infant daughter in 2016 and is now on the lam, WJZY-TV reports.

Federal authorities are searching for Estefania Roman-Aguilar, who could be in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina or North Carolina.

She may be accompanying her father, Jose Hilario-Gomez, 40, who is also wanted by police for a 2015 armed robbery.

“I am really concerned because this young woman could be quietly living in a community where no one knows what she is accused of doing,” Special Deputy Jeff Stevens told the television station. “She could be taking care of children or even babies and that’s just not right. We’re trying to get her face out there or her father’s face so that people know who they are and tell us where to find them.”

The murder case dates back to Sept. 21, 2016, when emergency crews responded to a call at a home in Brookhaven, Georgia, where they found Roman-Aguilar’s 5-month-old daughter wasn’t breathing. Crews transported the girl to a hospital and she was later pronounced dead.

Investigators initially classified the death as suspicious, while evidence later pointed to homicide.

“There were no signs of foul play and that’s not unusual in cases like this. It actually looked like a SIDS death at first, but the evidence and the autopsy made it clear that this was a homicide,” Brookhaven Police Department Major Brandon Gurley said.

Roman-Aguilar was charged with murder and a warrant was issued for her arrest, which the U.S. Marshal’s Service is now pursuing.

“Based on our interviews with friends and family members, we’re pretty confident she and her father are together,” said Stevens of the U.S. Marshal’s Service.

He added: “Neither one has communicated with family members for about the same amount of time. We don’t believe her father had anything to do with the infant’s murder, but we still don’t want him harboring a fugitive either.”

Call police at 404-577-8477 to report information about the case or the whereabouts of Roman-Aguilar.

[Feature Photo: Estefania Roman-Aguilar and Jose Hilario-Gomez/Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta]