Mom who led double life online found dead, partially nude outside her home

A 42-year-old Alabama woman who led a double life as an internet exhibitionist was found dead and partially nude outside her home last week, but police have revealed few details about the case, reports.

Investigators are treating the death of the woman, Kathleen Dawn West, as a homicide, according to the newspaper.

A neighbor discovered West’s body around 5 a.m. last Saturday in Calera, Alabama, about 30 miles south of Birmingham.

She was found lying face down wearing only a sports bra and her head was bleeding.

A cell phone was on the ground near her that had a liquor bottle on top of it.

Investigators are keeping mum about the case and have not made any arrests.

West had a 44-year-old husband, who reportedly is a college police officer, and a 12-year-old daughter. It’s not clear whether they were inside the home at the time West died or when her body was discovered.

The newspaper reports that West had an alter-ego under the pseudonym “Kitty Kat West” in which she produced sexually explicit material on a website that charged $15.99 for access.

She also had a Twitter account and fan page where she encouraged users to pay for her service.

The last tweet, at 10:18 a.m. on Jan. 12, was the day prior to her body being found.

Neighbors of West say she was quiet and that the family did not interact much with others in the community.

West would sometimes post racy photographs on her Facebook account, although most images were of her with her husband and daughter.

It was a different story on Twitter, where she would post images linked to her subscription page and add sexually suggestive texts, such as “Sinful Sundays,” according to the Daily Mail.

The neighbor who discovered West declined comment to the Daily Mail, but her father told the newspaper that his daughter found the woman’s body while en route to work and quickly sought out her dad.

He later came out and touched West to check if she was breathing. When she wasn’t, he called 911.

Since West’s death, people from around the country have shared theories about how she died on a private Facebook page, according to

Calera Police Chief Sean Lemley has not answered questions from the media about the killing.


[Feature image: Facebook/Kathleen Dawn West]