Faith healer uncle says he wants custody of tortured ‘House of Horrors’ children: Source

The brother of David Turpin, the California father accused of torturing and starving his 13 children, says he wants to care for the minor siblings–sparing them from being placed into foster care.

A source told CBS News that Dr. Randy Turpin, a faith healer and megachurch preacher, was looking into adopting the children. But before this can happen, officials want to talk to Randy to ascertain whether he was aware of the alleged abuse that transpired, the source said.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Riverside County police arrested David and Louise Turpin last week after their 17-year-old daughter reportedly escaped the Perris, California, home through a window and called police using a deactivated cell phone.

Since then, the couple has been accused of starving their children, shackling them to furniture, and only allowing them to shower once a year. Authorities also said the Turpin children have suffered physical and cognitive impairments due to years of neglect.

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According to a statement obtained by the New York PostRandy has taken a leave of absence from his role as president of Valor Christian College as he processes “revelations about estranged family members.”

Sources also recently told CBS News that the six minor Turpin children will be split up between two foster homes. Additionally, Riverside County will be awarded conservatorship over the seven adult Turpins before they’re moved to an assisted living facility.

Splitting up the Turpin children has also concerned Louise’s sister, Teresa Robinette, who said she wants her six nieces and nephews to stay with relatives.

“If these children go into foster care, that’s the worst-case scenario,” the aunt told Inside Edition.

“We would like to get family members of ours together to make sure that each one of these kids is placed with a blood family member. That way even if they are scattered they would still be with our family and they would still have a connection for life.”


[Featured Image: Turpin family/Facebook]