‘Oh, well. Mine’s real:’ Guard shoots teens allegedly robbing 7-Eleven with fake gun [VIDEO]

A viral video reportedly shows a private security guard shooting two suspects who attempted to rob a California convenience store with a fake gun.

KABC reported that the incident occurred at a Gardenia 7-Eleven on December 30. Cameras reportedly caught two 16-year-old males enter the store and look around before one of them clumsily hops over the counter and brandishes an item that resembles a firearm.

As one teen is seen moving the clerk away from the counter, the other jumps over the counter and begins inspecting the register.

Moments later, the guard enters the 7-Eleven and fires multiple shots at both suspects.

“It’s fake!” one of the teens shouts, likely referring to his weapon.

“Oh, well. Mine’s real,” the guard is heard saying before he orders the wounded teens to get up.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the guard held the two suspects until officers arrived. The teens sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were booked on suspicion of robbery.

In a statement provided to KABC, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office claimed the hired security guard was outside in his vehicle when he witnessed the hooded men enter the convenience store. The guard believed that their hoods were tightened to possibly hide their identities.

Police said the guard claimed he saw the teens jump over the counter and start going through the clerk’s pockets. Though he shot the teen pointing the “gun” at the cashier first, officials said he claimed to have shot the other suspect because he believed he was also armed.

Officials also revealed that a semi-automatic handgun was recovered from the scene.

Reports indicated that both teens are being held without bail.

[Featured Image: Youtube video screengrab]