Police pull over driver for expired tags, find dead baby in trunk

An Alabama mother is facing criminal charges after police allegedly found her newborn son’s body in her trunk during a traffic stop.

WALA reported that a grand jury indicted Jalesa Gaines, of McIntosh, on manslaughter charges Wednesday in connection with her son’s death. Gaines, 23, was originally arrested on November 14 after Jackson police pulled her over for an expired tag and discovered the baby in a box in her trunk with a sweater wrapped around him, according to the station.

Gaines reportedly told investigators that she gave birth to her son on November 9. Though the autopsy results haven’t been released to the public, a source told the local station that the baby was born alive.

Police originally charged Gaines with abuse of a corpse and giving a false name to an officer. At the time, police said the mother didn’t provide them with much information about her son’s death.

Jackson Police Chief Jerry Taylor told WALA that she showed some remorse “but not to the degree we’d expect.”

WKRG reported that Gaines had other children. Police said they’ll be rearresting her following Wednesday’s indictment.


[Featured Image: Jalesa Gaines/Jackson Police Department]