AUDIO: Pledge who died with blood alcohol level 7x the legal limit was ‘extremely stiff’ when frat brothers called 911

Authorities have released the frantic 911 calls placed by Florida State University fraternity brothers who found a pledge dead of alcohol poisoning.

The calls released Tuesday provide a glimpse into the frantic scene on November 3 after members of Pi Kappa Phi found pledge Andrew Coffey, 20, unresponsive after a night of binge drinking. During the 10-minute call, Tallahassee Democrat reported that the caller tells the 911 dispatcher that Coffey doesn’t have a pulse.

“We had a party last night and my friend passed out on his side and his lips are purple. His body is extremely stiff and I can’t wake him up, and, honestly, I don’t feel a pulse,” someone is heard a telling dispatcher.

“Oh, God.”

The dispatcher is then heard guiding someone through chest compressions until help arrives.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, investigators learned that Coffey had attended “big-little” night which was “traditionally known for excessive alcohol consumption and revelry.” Reports indicated that the 20-year-old was seen drinking a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, given to him by his “big,” before passing out.

An autopsy later revealed that the 20-year-old had nearly seven times the legal limit at his time of death.

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Authorities have since charged nine students, Luke E. Kluttz, Clayton M. Muehlstein, Brett A. Birmingham, Anthony Petagine, Conner R. Ravelo, Christopher M. Hamlin, Anthony Oppenheimer, John B. Ray, and Kyle J. Bauer, with “College Hazing-Cause Injury or Death” in connection with the fatal November 3 party.

FSU suspended all Greek activities in the week following Coffey’s death and Pi Kappa Phi announced that they would be permanently shutting down their FSU chapter. CNN reported that the university has banned all 700 student organizations–including fraternities and sororities–from serving alcohol at social events.

Police also believe that the pledges who discovered Coffey’s body called fraternity members before 911, according to WPLG.

A grand jury said, “The brothers, pledges, and officers were more concerned about getting in trouble than they were about trying to save Coffey’s life.”


[Featured Image: Andrew Coffey/Florida State University]