Woman horrified after biting into banana filled with SPIDER eggs

A woman in Merseyside, England, said she was horrified to learn that a banana she had just bitten into was infested with spider eggs.

Lorraine Wall, 38, told The Liverpool Echo that she got the tainted banana from a Lidl store in Rock Ferry. Lidl, a German discount supermarket chain, has stores in New Jersey, Georgia, Delaware, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Wall said she bit into one of the bananas and heard a ‘crunch.’ She claimed that, at first, she simply believed the banana just wasn’t ripe. Under further inspection, however, she found that the banana was filled with brown goo and what she believes were spider eggs.

“It’s embarrassing but I was sick everywhere, it was disgusting, it turned my stomach,” the mother-of-six told The Echo.

Wall claimed she consulted a doctor, who told her that her stomach acid would kill “most of” the eggs. Less than satisfied, Wall claimed she still has thoughts of the arachnids “hatching out inside me.”

In light of the horrific ordeal, Wall said has had difficulty eating other foods and that she will never eat a banana again.

She said, “There’s no way I’m having another banana in this house. I can’t even look at them. I can’t face it.”

In a statement, Lidl said they were “disappointed” by the ordeal and that the matter was immediately forwarded to their Quality Assurance department, who is investigating with the supplier and will keep Wall updated.

“We were very sorry to hear of this matter, as it is never our intention for a customer to be dissatisfied in any way. We work very closely with our suppliers, both in the UK and abroad to ensure that the fresh fruit and vegetables available in our stores are of the highest possible quality for our customers, the company said.


[Featured Image: Pixabay]