‘Cannibal Cop’ Gilberto Valle pens ‘extremely violent’ horror novel, continues to defend creepy fetish: Report

“Cannibal Cop” Gilberto Valle – the ex-NYPD officer who was jailed for his plans to kidnap and eat young women – has written a fictional novel that revisits the fetish that destroyed his career.

Valle, 33, recently told the Daily Mail that his new book, “A Gathering of Evil,” channels his controversial cannibal fetish through the perspective of sadists who kidnap two women in New York.

The story hearkens back to the former officer’s own legal troubles: In 2012, Valle was arrested after his then-wife found disturbing online posts indicating that he intended to kill and eat more than 100 women. To this day, he maintains that he never intended to carry out what he mentioned in the posts.

“It’s not a crime to fantasize. It’s not a crime fantasize about people you know. It’s not a crime to fantasize about the most disturbing things as long as they’re fantasies and not real-life actions,” he told the tabloid, adding that he no longer participates in online roleplay.

Valle was found guilty in 2013 of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and violating a federal hacking statute for improperly using a work computer. He served 21 months behind bars before a judge overturned the conviction, determining that the former cop was merely roleplaying in the cannibalism chat room.

The officer told the Daily Mail that he never used his work computer to find the addresses of potential victims. Instead, he claimed to have only used the computer to pull up a female friend’s accident report number.

He also confirmed to New York Daily News that the book is a way to rake in some cash after losing his career and family behind the disturbing criminal case. Fired from the force in 2012, the ex-officer now works for a friend’s construction company.

“Even though I’ve been completely exonerated, all this stuff about ‘Cannibal Cop’ is still there,” Valle said. “Writing the book comes down to me trying to find a way to make a living.”

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