Meth-using mom with seven kids gets sterilized at judge’s suggestion

An Oklahoma mother-of-seven involved in a counterfeit check ring reportedly underwent sterilization at the suggestion of a federal judge.

The Oklahoman reported that Summer Thyme Creel, 34, was sterilized in November after U.S. District Judge Stephen Friot indicated that he would consider giving the mother a lighter sentence if she would undergo the surgery.

Friot made the unorthodox suggestion in a June order, which also noted that Creel had already given up her parental rights to six of her seven children and had likely used drugs while pregnant with some of them, the paper reported.

According to the judge, Creel relinquished her rights in 2012 after the Oklahoma Department of Human Services determined that she had failed to protect her six kids from harm. The mother gave birth to her seventh child in 2016, he said.

“By virtue of a series of relationships with various sires over approximately the last 14 years, Ms. Creel has given birth to seven children out of wedlock,” the judge wrote.

Court records obtained by the paper indicated that Creel had used methamphetamine less than a month before Friot penned his order. Records also indicated that she had tested positive for meth in December.

Creel, who has a history of theft and check-related crimes, faced federal charges for the first time in 2016. It was then that a grand jury accused her of being involved in a counterfeit check ring that involved stealing mail from mailboxes.

Though Creel admitted to using a $202.22 counterfeit check at a Walmart in Moore in 2014, The Oklahoman reported that sentencing was delayed because she was jailed for using a counterfeit check in a Hobby Lobby.

Sentencing is scheduled for Thursday.

[Featured Image: Summer Thyme Creel/Oklahoma Police Department]