‘Just let me do what I need to do:’ Father allegedly beats wife, teen daughter to death; lures son home and bludgeons him with hammer

A Vail, Arizona, man was arrested for allegedly beating and stabbing his wife and teen daughter to death before brutally attacking his teen son with a hammer as he tried to flee.

The Arizona Daily Star reported that Hernando Enriquez, 44, called his teen son Friday afternoon and asked him to come home early. Upon arriving home, Enriquez told the boy that his mother, Sandra Enriquez, 44, and sister, Isabel, 15, (pictured right and left) were playing games outside and needed help cleaning up, the warrant stated.

Hernando is accused of striking his son in the head with a hammer or tire iron once they entered the home. The fight moved into the kitchen, where the father reportedly got a knife and began to slash and stab his son.

Hernando Enriquez
Hernando Enriquez [Image: Pima County Sheriff’s Department]
“Just let me do what I need to do,” the father said during the alleged attack. “I’m taking your mom and sister and I need to finish this.”

Covered in blood, the teen managed to escape and get to a neighbor’s home. There, the boy explained that his father tried to kill him, prompting the neighbor to call police, the warrant said.

Responding officers reportedly found Sandra and Isabel’s bodies in a bathtub. Police noted that the bodies appeared to have knife wounds and have suffered from blunt-force trauma.

They later found Hernando lying on the ground with his hands beneath him. The warrant describes how he refused to comply with officers’ commands as he mumbled, “just go ahead and kill me.” Officers ultimately tased him and took him into custody, according to People.

Though authorities haven’t revealed a motive, the Daily Star reported that the son told officers that his father was suffering from insomnia and taking prescription medication to help him sleep. The son also claimed that his father was recently dealing with depression as well, the warrant said.

Hernando has yet to enter a plea for the two counts of murder and one count of murder he’s facing. He remains jailed with no bail.

[Featured Image: Isabel and Sandra Enriquez/Facebook]