SEE IT: New surveillance footage shows teen model being carried into elevator before she plunged 20 stories to her death

New surveillance footage shows a Dutch model who died in a mysterious fall late last year being carried out of a nightclub hours before she was found dead of an apparent fall in a luxury building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Ivana Smit, 18 was found dead and naked in November 2017 on a lower balcony of a high-rise building. She is believed to have been partying the night before with a wealthy American cryptocurrency trader, Alexander Johnson, and his Malaysian wife Luna.

While Malaysian authorities have concluded that Smit’s death was a tragic accident, her family has reportedly questioned the circumstances of her death and pushed for a more thorough probe into the events leading up to her fall and the couple who last saw her alive.

According to the NLTimes, Smit’s parents hired a British private investigator, Mark Williams-Thomas, who obtained video footage of the threesome among a larger group of people leaving a nightclub. In the video, Johnson is seen carrying Ivana while his wife walks just behind them to an elevator bank.

The family’s attorney Sébas M. Diekstra shared the video on social media and with news outlets. In the footage, Smit appears to be alert and conscious and does not show any obvious signs of distress, though her face cannot be seen and the video does not have any sound.

According to News.Com.Au, the family hired forensic pathologist Frank van der Goot to conduct an independent medical examination, and he believes it is likely that Smit died before she fell from the luxury high-rise apartment, as her body reportedly showed injuries that he believes are not consistent with a fall. The teen model also ingested what may be a toxic combination of drugs, according to the report.

Williams-Thomas, the independent private investigator probing the case, agrees that foul play may have been involved in Smit’s death.

“I have no doubt, with the evidence that I now have, having collected it certainly this week and in other information that we have through forensics, we are in a position to say very clearly if this was being dealt with in the UK it would be being treated as a homicide investigation,” Williams-Thomas told Belgium’s TV Limburg.

Smit, Belgian national, was up-and-coming model in Malaysia when she died.


[Feature image: Instagram/Ivana Smit]