Convict who had sex on murder victims’ bodies will serve less than four years behind bars

A Joliet, Illinois, woman involved in the robbery and murder of two men is set to be paroled this month after serving less than four years in prison.

According to the Joliet Patch, Alisa Massaro plead guilty to robbery in connection with the January 2013 murders of Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover, both 22. In turn, the first-degree murder charge was dropped and she was sentenced in May 2014 to 10 years in prison.

In addition to Massaro, Bethany McKee, 20, Josh Miner, 26, and Adam Landerman, 21, were charged in connection with the slayings, which became known as the Nightmare on Hickory Street murders. CBS News reported that they lured the victims to Massaro’s father’s home, where they strangled them and then stole drugs and money from their bodies.

From there, Massaro and Miner had sex on top of Glover and Rankins’ bodies. A videotaped police interview obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times revealed that it was Massaro who suggested having sex.

“She’s like, ‘Let’s have sex,’” Miner told police in the video. “And I was like, ‘Let’s have sex on the bodies.’”

Massaro, now 23, received the lightest sentence out of the four defendants. Testifying against her conspirators resulted in life sentences for McKee, Miner, and Landerman.

To the concern of many, Illinois Department of Corrections records stated Massaro is set to be released from the Logan Correctional Center on February 23, 2018, after serving three years and eight months. Patch reported that Massaro was given time off her 10-year sentence for good behavior.

It is not yet known where Massaro plans to live upon her imminent release.

[Featured Image: Alisa Massaro/Illinois Department of Corrections]