Valentine’s Day Crime Stories Special: Shocking Valentine’s Love Crimes

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, but this special Crime Stories episode reminds us of how the passion can turn into poison. What lessons has Nancy Grace learned after many years as a prosecutor and then as a TV host covering cases of love gone bad?

She discusses those lessons with Dr. Brian Russell, a lawyer and psychologist who hosts Investigation Discovery’s “Fatal Vows” series, Cold Case Research Institute director Sheryl McCollum, lawyer & child advocate Ashley Willcott, and Alexis Tereszcuk.

What can you learn from Jodi Arias? How about avoid the bad girl (or bad boy)! Don’t date someone because you want to rescue them! Take time to get to know someone before getting serious, as they only show their good side in the early stages of dating. And if they list “witchcraft” as a hobby on their social media profile, run away fast!

‘I heard there was a lot of blood’: Newly-uncovered footage shows Jodi Arias denying role in ex-boyfriend’s murder

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