Teen buys rope, sets up noose before filming friend’s suicide: Police

A Utah teen who allegedly helped a younger classmate hang herself last year was found competent to stand trial on murder charges.

KSTU reported that Tyerell Przybycien pleaded not guilty last year to first-degree murder and failure to report the findings of a dead human body in connection with the death of Jchandra Brown, 16. Przybycien, now 18, allegedly filmed Brown end her life on May 5, 2017, and bought the materials that allowed her to do so.

Pryzbycien was charged after hunters discovered Brown’s body hanging from a tree in Payson Canyon. Authorities said Pryzbycien was found on the trail crying and told hunters that he was with Brown when she died, according to Gephardt Daily.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, prosecutors presented text messages which apparently show that Pryzbycien was excited to help someone die by suicide. The teen had allegedly messaged a friend asking what he should do if he were asked to help someone commit suicide.

“The thing is.. I wanna help kill them. It be awesome. Seriously [I’m] going to help her. [It’s] like getting away with murder! [I’m] so f***ed up. I’m seriously not joking. [It’s] going down in about a week or two,” Pryzbycien allegedly said in a text message.

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Authorities said a recorded phone conversation captured Pryzbycien asking Brown if she really wanted to die. When she said yes, Pryzbycien reportedly purchased rope before picking her up and taking her to the campground. From there, he recorded Brown as she inhaled air duster, passed out, and hanged herself, according to the Daily Herald.

An affidavit obtained by Deseret News explained that Brown had a noose around her neck and was standing on a rock when she huffed the air duster. After losing consciousness, the girl slipped off the rock and was left to hang for 10 t0 11 minutes with Pryzbycien never providing assistance, the document alleged.

“I feel guilty. I feel like I did murder her. I helped her so much,” Pryzbycien reportedly told police during a recorded interview, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

People reported that defense attorney Neil Skousen said Brown’s last wish was for Przybycien to film her hanging and give a note to her mother informing her that she killed herself and that she loved her.

With Przybycien found fit to stand trial, a pre-trial conference was scheduled for March 27.

[Featured Image: Tyerell Przybycien/Utah County Jail; Jchandra Brown/Facebook]