Nikolas Cruz 911 call revealed: ‘They said they were going to gut me if I came back’ [AUDIO]

A Florida news station has obtained the transcript of a 911 call placed by school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz shortly after his mother died in November.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Nikolas Cruz and his 17-year-old brother went to live with Rocxanne Deschamps and her son after his mother Lynda Cruz died of pneumonia on November 1. Nikolas’s stay there was short-lived, as he and Deschamps reportedly clashed over his enthusiasm for guns, and she and her son appear to have feared for their safety.

Roxcanne and her son Rock called police on multiple occasions while Cruz was living with them. WPTV obtained audio recordings and transcripts of the 911 calls, revealing that Cruz called 911 claiming assault on the same day he had an altercation with Rock Deschamps in the home.

In the call, Cruz claimed he was attacked at the mobile home before he was kicked out, and threatened bodily harm if he returned.

“Hi, I was just at (inaudible) and someone attacked me, and they said they were going to gut me if I came back,” Cruz said in the call, before admitting that he had lost his temper and punched walls.

“The thing is, I lost my mother a couple days ago, so, like, I’m dealing with a bunch of things right now.”

Rocxanne Deschamps had called police over her concerns that Cruz would return with guns. The woman, who was a former neighbor of the family when Cruz’s mother was alive, claimed in the call that Cruz had a history of threatening people with guns.

“I’m afraid if he comes back, and he has a lot of weapons,” she told dispatchers.

“He has a weapon that he is going to get at Dick’s right now, because he purchased it.”

“He put the gun on the head of his brother before, so not the first time, and he did that to his mother… It’s not the first time he’s put a gun on someone’s head,” Deschamps said in the call.

Though Cruz and the family later reconciled, he soon moved out and went to live with Kimberly and James Snead, parents of a friend who allowed him to keep weapons in a locked safe in his room. Cruz was living there when he took an Uber to the high school last Wednesday and opened fire. The Sneads said in media interviews that while Cruz was obviously depressed, he had been well-behaved at the home and they did not know he was capable of violence.


[Feature image: Nikolas Cruz/Associated Press]