NAUGHTY NASHVILLE: Were taxpayers billed for mayor and bodyguard’s adulterous sex romps?

Nude cell phone photos might prove that the mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, engaged in an extramarital affair with her lead bodyguard while he was on the clock.

According to CNN, affidavits for search warrants indicated that Seargent Rob Forrest was on duty when he snapped two explicit photos using his work phone. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation believe those images may prove that official misconduct and theft of property have occurred.

The photos in question were allegedly taken while Forrest and Nashville Mayor Megan Barry were in Washington for business. Though investigators haven’t identified the woman in the pictures, they said they may  provide proof that Forrest was having an affair with Barry when the photos were taken.

“[Probable cause exists to] show that on May 15, 2017, and on October 18, 2017, he used this phone to photograph a nude or partially nude female,” the documents state. “It will also show that Rob Forrest’s timecards report that he was working while these photographs were taken.”

Additionally, security footage uncovered by WTVF apparently shows the pair taking early morning trips to Nashville City Cemetery. Footage from neighboring businesses reportedly captured the white SUV used by Forrest to drive the mayor there multiple times between October 2017 and January 2018.

In each instance investigated by the local station, payroll records allegedly indicated that Forrest was on duty.

In late January, Barry apologized for having a two-year affair with Barry, who has since stepped down from his position. However, the mayor has emphatically denied that Forrest was paid for any illegitimate overtime.

“What is relevant is if the taxpayers are paying for an officer who should not be drawing overtime for frivolous things, and I’m going to call them frivolous,” Metro Council member Steve Glover commented before weighing in on Barry and Forrest’s alleged cemetery romps.

“That makes no sense to me. That says to me the taxpayers are getting cheated if overtime is being accrued here in Nashville when there is more than one officer that’s available for that security detail.”

[Featured Image: Mayor Megan Barry/Facebook; Rob Forrest/]