In a fit of video game rage, teen ‘dad’ allegedly shakes and throws infant daughter—killing her

A Coatesville, Pennsylvania, man, upset about being called a failure while playing “Call of Duty,” allegedly killed his 5-month-old daughter by repeatedly shaking and throwing her into the air, and not catching her.

Zion Shockley, 18, is currently being held without bail on first-degree murder charges, according to KYW. District Attorney Tom Hogan said that Shockley’s daughter, Rosalie, was rushed to the hospital February 10 in cardiac arrest but doctors later discovered that the baby was bleeding from the brain and eyes. Rosalie died from her injuries two days later.

Officials said the child had suffered recent and ongoing abusive head trauma. While Shockley shared custody with Rosalie’s mother, Shockley was the primary caregiver when his daughter was seriously injured, KTRK reported.

A criminal complaint obtained by KYW alleged that Shockley showed investigators on a doll how he violently shook his daughter for five minutes after losing a video game during an alleged incident that occurred just after Christmas.

Earlier this month, Shockley allegedly became so angry at being called a “failure” while playing “Call of Duty” that he shook Rosalie for about a minute before throwing her twice and not catching her. After Rosalie fell face-first onto a mattress, Shockley claimed he went downstairs and got a glass of water before realizing that she wasn’t breathing, the complaint stated.

“When the defendant was being mocked by players and his reaction was to severely injure and ultimately murder his own child, that is someone who should not be in charge of a child to begin with,” the District Attorney said in a statement.

“An infant cannot defend herself. A baby cannot run away or call for help. A baby is the most innocent and vulnerable victim possible.”

[Featured Image: Zion Shockley/Chester County District Attorney’s Office]