SEE IT: Boy gets trapped in elevator after peeing all over buttons

A boy riding an elevator in China who thought it would be funny to urinate on the buttons received a dose of instant karma when the lift he sullied suddenly shut down.

The footage released by the Ministry of Public Safety was reportedly captured on February 23 at a building in southwest Chongqing. The video shows a lone boy peeing on elevator buttons that people use to get floor to floor. At one point, he is seen aiming higher to hit as many buttons as possible.

Seconds later, the buttons are seen flickering erratically, which catches the boy’s attention. The boy is then seen jumping up and down and frantically pressing the urine-soaked buttons before he’s left in total darkness.

Local media reported that the boy was unhurt and was rescued by crews a short time later. However, the boy’s father told Bejing News that he doubts the video’s authenticity.

“He [the father] says that his son cannot yet urinate that high, he doesn’t believe it, and his son won’t admit it, says he didn’t do it,” the paper wrote, according to the BBC’s translation.

The video has nearly 198,000 views on YouTube as of Monday afternoon.

[Featured Image: YouTube video screengrab]