Are working moms producing mentally ill children? Psychotherapist says moms’ time away is harming their babies’ brains

A New York psychotherapist has said that working mothers are producing mentally ill children.

Erica Komisar recently told the New York Post that she is seeing an “epidemic level” of mentally ill young children, which she believes is caused by society “devaluing motherhood.”

“Our society tells women ‘Go back to work, do what you want, they’ll be OK.’ But they’re not OK,” she said.

Komisar penned “Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters,” a book in which she stresses the importance of a mother’s presence in her baby’s life.

The psychotherapist claimed that babies are overwhelmed by cortisol and stress when their mothers are away. The stress dissipates once their mother returns, she said.

But all bonding isn’t created equal. Komisar claimed that most working moms spend as little as 90 minutes with their babies before putting them to bed. She said that many babies won’t sleep through the night as they crave more attention from their mothers.

“Put all of your distractions in a basket: your computers, your iPads, your phones. Don’t pick them up till your baby goes to sleep,” she recommended.

Additionally, she suggested that mothers allow their babies to stay up later, as “90 minutes a day is not enough to provide children with emotional security, regulate their emotions, and buffer them from stress.”

The psychotherapist also said that day care is her “least favorite” option for babies, as she believes it exposes them to extreme stress and fear.

Komisar went on to note that her comments are not meant to demonize mothers who are forced to work. She told The Post that society often overlooks motherhood and that she hopes all women could be afforded one year of fully-paid maternity leave.

“On a societal level, we need to recognize mothers’ work is valuable work. We emphasize material success and professional achievement, but there is no more valuable or more important work,” she concluded.

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