Shoe store mirror kills 2-year-old girl when it falls onto her head: Reports

An apparent freak accident at a Georgia shoe store left a toddler dead from extensive injuries after a mounted mirror fell on her head.

According to WTSP, 2-year-old Ifrah Siddique was pronounced dead at Southern Regional Medical Center on Friday evening, shortly after the incident at a Payless store in Riverdale.

One witness said she initially believed the victim had suffered a seizure. She described later seeing blood and realizing the situation was more serious than she first thought.

“I have a 4-year-old, which is why I just had to help,” Latisha Culpatrick said.

The girl’s family shared overwhelming grief over the loss, as well as concern regarding whether the store fixture was properly secured prior to an incident authorities are treating as a tragic accident.

“I’m sure the mom didn’t think when she was coming in to go shopping she wouldn’t come out with her child,” Culpatrick said. “That’s bad. Really bad.”

When the mirror fell, reports indicate the toddler’s mother and another woman struggled to lift the heavy object off of the girl.

“I feel dead like I am no more,” said her father, Mohsin Siddique, adding “that was my little girl.”

As Fox News reported, Payless released a statement acknowledging the incident and offering condolences while providing few additional details.

“Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Ifrah Siddique during this time of incredible loss,” the company said. “We are devastated by this tragic event and are fully cooperating with authorities to research and understand the nature of this accident.”

[Featured image: Ifrah Siddique/Facebook]