Man strangles wife in shower hours after she discovers his Tinder affair, collects large insurance payout: Police

Authorities in Colorado believe a Denver man who collected his wife’s $750,000 life insurance had strangled her in the shower because she had discovered his affair.

KMGH reported that Robert Wayne Feldman, 53, was recently charged with first-degree murder for the March 2015 death of his wife, Stacy Feldman. An affidavit stated that Robert killed Stacy the same day she learned of an affair he was having.

On the day in question, Robert reportedly called 911 and claimed he found Stacy unresponsive in the shower. He later told officers that his wife had eaten marijuana edibles and consumed alcohol at a party the night before and wasn’t feeling well the following day, according to The Denver Post.

However, inconsistencies with the crime scene and Robert’s story led to his arrest three years later.

For one, an autopsy determined that Stacy had no THC in her system when she died. While officials didn’t determine an official cause of death until late last year, Robert told his family that Stacy had slipped on conditioner while in the shower and drowned, the newspaper reported.

The woman who met Robert on Tinder reportedly contacted Denver Crime Stoppers three months after Stacy’s suspicious death. The woman claimed she had emailed Stacy on the day of the murder to let her know what was going on, according to KMGH.

“Stacy had told her Robert cheated on her before and that she was ‘done with him,’” the affidavit stated.

Additionally, investigators learned that Robert picked up his children an hour late from school that day. An administrator is said to have called the parents’ phones but neither answered. When Robert did arrive, he appeared disheveled and was wearing shorts even though it was cold outside, authorities said.

Officers who arrived to find Stacy’s dead body said Robert tried to meddle in their investigation. An officer wrote that he believed Robert “was overacting in an effort to avoid speaking with him.” Firefighters also claimed that Robert was evasive, “purposely not cooperative,” and said he didn’t want an autopsy performed on his wife.

In October, the District Attorney’s office had hired a medical examiner who specializes in domestic violence-related suffocation and strangulation. They found that Stacy was strangled and deemed her death a homicide.

Robert is being held in Denver jail without bond pending his next court appearance.

[Featured Image: Robert Feldman/Denver District Attorney’s Office]