Suspected drug dealer released from jail after he refused to defecate for 47 DAYS

Police said they were forced to release a suspected drug dealer who possibly swallowed drugs after he didn’t have a bowel movement for 47 days.

According to the BBC, prosecutors in Essex, England, have recently dropped their case against Lamarr Chambers, 24, citing “insufficient evidence.” Chambers was reportedly arrested January 17 following a car chase with police.

A day after appearing in court, a court ordered that police could hold the 24-year-old until he defecated and police could confirm whether he had swallowed drugs.

Essex police confirmed to Essex Live that they routinely supplied the suspect with food and had medical visits every day. Despite this, he hadn’t had a bowel movement in 47 days, they said.

Reports indicated that this is the longest someone has gone without “pooing” while in custody. Originally charged with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and driving matters, prosecutors said they dismissed the charges “in the public interest.”

“Where detainees are suspected of ingesting or concealing drugs inside their body, we must balance overseeing their welfare and ensuring that all evidence is captured to ensure the best possible chance of prosecution,” Deputy Chief Constable BJ Harrington commented.

“We will…not shy away from talking about the unpleasant truths that go hand in hand with the drug dealing lifestyle, from the violence often perpetrated by those involved to the expectation on dealers to ‘plug’ drugs to avoid capture.”

Chambers was taken to the hospital following his release from custody.

[Featured Image: Essex Police]