‘Cold and callous’ teen who killed two classmates, wounded 14 saw shooting rampage as ‘science experiment’: Police

A Kentucky teen who allegedly killed two classmates and wounded 14 had no remorse about the incident and saw it as a “science experiment,” police have alleged.

WPSD reported that Marshall County Sheriff’s Captain Matt Hilbrecht described Gabriel Parker, now 16, as being “cold” and “callous” when interviewing him after the January 23 shooting that left 15-year-olds Bailey Holt and Preston Ryan Cope dead. According to Hilbrecht, Parker said she thought about carrying out the shooting for a week but settled on it the night before. What sold the teen on it, according to Hilbrecht, is that he wanted to see what prison life would be like.

Additionally, the teen allegedly admitted that the Ruger 9mm pistol used in the shooting was taken from his home and belonged to his stepfather.

“He never was emotional. His voice never quivered, never had any inflection, [didn’t] tear up,” Hilbrecht said. “We showed him a photo of one of the deceased…said ‘I don’t know her’. Had no response.”

Parker also allegedly claimed he also took the firearm, two magazines, and a hunting knife to Marshall County High School on the day in question. When asked about why he brought the knife, Hilbrecht said the teen “feared that when he ran out of bullets, that the children might attack him, and he needed a way to defend himself,” according to the local station.

A warrant obtained by the Courier-Journal indicated that Parker had confessed to the shooting but it failed to disclose where the gun had been found. Other documents stated that State Police detective David Dick had requested to compare the fingerprints found on the gun with the teen’s.

“Detectives recovered a firearm, spent shell casings, as well as other items at the scene,” the affidavit stated. “Said items were secured as evidence. Once DNA and prints are obtained from Parker these items will be sent to the Laboratory for comparison with the secured evidence.”

The Associated Press reported that Parker has since been charged as an adult in connection with the deadly shooting. Court records stated he’s pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and 14 counts of assault.

He’s currently being held at McCracken County Juvenile Detention Center.


[Featured Image: Gabriel Parker/WPSD