Florida school shooter ‘lost in his mind,’ says inmate

The Florida school shooter who allegedly killed 17 people last month spends his time in jail staring blankly and pacing around his cell, WFTS-TV reports.

“He was just lost in his mind,” former Broward County Jail inmate Andrew Bryant told the television station.

“I don’t think he was looking at anyone, just laying down looking at the roof,” Bryant said.

For a time, Bryant was housed in the same wing of the jail as Cruz while being held on drug charges. Bryant, who has since been released from custody, said he could both see and hear Cruz in his cell.

Jail deputies are required to observe Cruz regularly and record what they see.

Monitoring logs released publicly show Cruz typically avoids eye contact and usually just sits and stares blankly.

Still, he has been coherent and cooperative, and one night requested a Bible to read, according to log records.

Cruz has met with investigators, psychologists, his attorney and family members.

Meeting with his lawyer, Cruz seemed to be “responsive to interview, shaking his head, nodding and agreeing, forward and engaging in the conversation,” the documents say.

The logs also show that Cruz spends most of his days sleeping and eats infrequently.

Cruz is now being kept away from other inmates on a special floor of the jail, according to the television station.

Despite the odd behavior, Bryant said he thinks Cruz has enough mental capacity to be held responsible for the slayings.

“I just hope he doesn’t plead insanity or he gets off or anything, because, in my opinion, I don’t think he’s crazy and [he] deserves everything coming to him,” Bryant said.


[Feature image: Associated Press]