VIDEO: Driver speeds off from traffic stop with one officer pinned inside and another thrown into the road, cops say

Georgia police were ultimately able to detain and arrest three individuals who led officers on a dangerous chase Thursday that could have easily turned deadly for two officers involved.

According to 11 Alive, one Marietta officer attempted a traffic stop of a white Ford Fusion near an intersection police say is a common site of improper lane changes and blocked traffic.

According to police spokesman Charles McPhilamy, the driver was initially helpful, though the interaction soon went south.

“You get a sixth sense as an officer when something feels wrong,” McPhilamy said. “And this officer felt that way right from the start.”

Shortly after stopping the vehicle, officer Brian Franklin asked the driver to step out for a pat down.

“He found no weapons and the driver was cooperative,” the spokesperson said.

When Franklin reportedly detected the odor of marijuana and requested backup, however, the car’s occupants allegedly became combative.

“Sgt. Brian Honea arrived as backup and as he approached Officer Wallace and the suspect, the suspect attempted to re-enter his vehicle,” McPhilamy said.

Though both officers attempted to remove the driver, and can be seen on the dashboard camera nearly succeeding, the suspect was able to drive away with Wallace “pinned against the driver seat” of the car and Honea tossed off into the roadway.

From there, the Fusion was clocked at speeds as high as 71 mph while the officer trapped inside physically engaged with the suspects attempting to get away. He also attempted to protect himself from being thrown out of the vehicle at a high speed, later explaining that he was able to close the driver-side door during the roughly mile-long trip.

Police say all of the suspects — driver Cory Moody and passengers Eyzaiya Moody and Walter Gadson Jr. — are from Massachusetts and are believed to be active gang members. Each faces multiple criminal charges related to kidnapping, fleeing and other alleged crimes.

[Featured image: Video screenshot]