Toddler’s family says she is brain dead after babysitter shakes the life out of her: Police

Police said a 3-year-old Ohio girl is “hanging on by a thread” after her babysitter allegedly shook her so violently that her family says she is essentially brain dead.

The Journal-News reported that Hanover Township authorities responded to Lindsay Partin’s residence Thursday amid reports regarding an unconscious child. There, they found an unresponsive Hannah Wesche, who was allegedly breathing heavy and had bruising about her head and face.

Partin, the babysitter, reportedly admitted to striking Wesche and claimed she had fallen on the concrete garage floor a day earlier. Officials said that the sitter also inflicted “serious physical harm” when shaking the toddler.

However, according to WXIX, Partin originally told a 911 dispatcher that Wesche had mysteriously passed out after her father dropped her off. Upon a closer look, doctors allegedly found injuries on other parts of the girl’s body.

“We just want to stress that this situation is devastating. She is not expected to survive,” Hannah’s father said a Butler County court Monday morning.

“Within the next couple of days we are told that it’s going to come to an end.”

The girl’s family told WLWT that the little girl’s brain was so swollen that doctors had to remove a portion of her skull. Family members are reportedly at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital saying their goodbyes.

Partin is charged with endangering children and felonious assault. She was reportedly released from jail Monday after posting $30,000 bond.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones had a warning for other parents who are seeking a babysitter.

“Get background checks, talk to neighbors, friends and family members before letting anyone watch your children, know who you are leaving your babies with,” he said.

My 3year old sister has been a victim of child abuse. She’s holding on by a thread and needs all the support she can…

Posted by Kaitlyn Wesche on Saturday, March 10, 2018

[Featured Image: Lindsay Partin/Butler County Sheriff’s Office; Hannah Wesche/Facebook]