Caretaker left disabled elderly woman in her own feces for MONTHS, police say

A San Antonio, Texas, caretaker is facing felony charges for allegedly leaving a disabled elderly woman in her own urine and feces for months.

Per WOAI, San Antonio police made the startling discovery in June 2014. In addition to being covered in human waste, police said the victim had a leg wound that was so severe that her foot was placed in a bucket to gather the pus oozing out of the wound.

An affidavit obtained by the news station indicated that Julie Foster, 58, left the woman in clothes for as long as three months at a time. Officers also noted that the refrigerator in the San Antonio boarding home was chained and padlocked.

KSAT reported that police got involved after receiving a disturbance call one day before the woman was found. At the time, officers allegedly spotted dog feces and urine on the floor.

The next day, police conducted a welfare check and reportedly detected a foul odor coming from the home. Once inside, officers found the woman sitting at a kitchen table covered in feces, according to the news station.

Foster reportedly charged the victim $600 per month from her disability check to stay at the home and tend to her needs. Detectives believe as many as eight people were living in the boarding house at the time.

Doctors reportedly said that the victim’s leg wound was contaminated with feces. WOAI also reported that medical reports stated the victim showed signs of suffering severe neglect.

Foster was arrested Wednesday and charged with injury to an elderly individual or disabled person-bodily injury.

[Featured Image: Julie Foster/San Antonio police]