‘Dad’ throws teething baby from car for crying too much: Police

A Florida man allegedly threw his infant son out of a car because he would not stop crying, causing the child to land on his head, the Sun News reports.

Prosecutors on Thursday charged Jacob Lowman, 22, of Conway, Florida, with unlawful neglect of a child. The baby’s mother, Juliana Biggerstaff, 20, also faces the same charge, court cords show.

Authorities say Lowman became so irate about the child crying that he threw the baby’s car seat out of the vehicle. At the time, the child was not strapped into the seat, causing him to “fly out of it,” according to the newspaper.

“The victim did have visible injury to the top of his head where it appeared he was dropped,” a police officer wrote in a report.

Biggerstaff told investigators that the child was crying because he was teething. She said that irritated Lowman, who grabbed the seat and threw it up into the air. The child hit his head and began “crying hysterically,” at which time Biggerstaff said she rushed over to him and comforted him.

Biggerstaff said she wanted to bring the baby to a hospital but that Lowman didn’t because he was concerned that social services would take the child. The woman said she did not bring the baby to the hospital but instead provided him a bottle so he would stop crying. The next day, the couple left the home to buy a car and returned the following day.

Biggerstaff said Lowman then began arguing with her over leaving the home. That argument prompted Biggerstaff to call someone, who, upon learning what happened to the child, notified police.

“[Biggerstaff] never tried seeking care for the victim and had ample opportunity to contact emergency services to check on the victim’s injuries,” police records state.

After the parents were arrested, authorities took the child to the hospital and social services officials were notified.

Lowman and Biggerstaff were released from jail on Friday after they posted $5,000 bonds.

[Feature Photo: Jacob Lowman and Juliana Biggerstaff/J. Reuben Long Detention Center]