‘I’m going to commit manslaughter on Tuesday’: Teen allegedly threatens to kill classmates who bullied him for painting his nails

Police in Lakeland, Florida, arrested a high school student for a Snapchat video where he allegedly threatened to kill his “hick” classmates who bullied for painting his nails.

According to WFTS, Jared Gleydura, 18, was arrested Thursday after someone tipped off police about the alleged video. Officers allegedly took the Lakeland High School student to an office at the school and presented him with the video.

“I guess it’s a problem that I’m a f**king liberal because six f**kng hicks. Want to f**king tell me I’m a f**got for painting my f**king nails. I want to kill them, I’m going to kill them. I’m going to commit manslaughter on Tuesday,” the teen says in the video, according to police.

Gleydura, who cooperated with officers, was reportedly adamant about having no intention of hurting or killing his classmates and said that he was extremely upset about being bullied when posting the video. Additionally, the news station reported that officers found no weapons on him or in his home.

The Tampa Bay Times noted that the alleged threats appear to be connected to Wednesday’s national walkout to protest gun violence. Lakeland police said Gleydura participated in the walkout and posted the video that night.

Lakeland police Sergeant Gary Gross told the newspaper that Gleydura didn’t report the bullying incident to school officials.

Gleydura was charged Thursday with transmitting a threat to conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism, a second-degree felony. He was booked into Polk County Jail.

[Featured Image: Lakeland Police Department]