Man on golf cart blows up neighbor’s yard, tries to kill chickens with homemade whiskey bottle bomb: Cops

A Fort Pierce, Florida, man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly blowing up a neighbor’s backyard to kill their chickens.

TC Palm reported that Scott Frederick Wegener, 55, was arrested after someone warned police that Wegener had detonated a bomb made in a whiskey bottle and was threatening to do it again. The caller supposedly claimed that Wegener accused someone of stealing a BB gun and offered a friend money to climb under the man’s home and plant the IED.

Local police, along with the FBI and ATF, conducted a sweep of Wegener’s home but didn’t find any explosives. Police said a witness, identified as Aaron Dehart, instructed law enforcement to go to a half-mile away to a home where Wegener detonated a device earlier in the week, according to WPTV.

It was there they met homeowner Charlie Childs, who reportedly said that Wegener came to his home four days earlier with items to make an explosive.

“Wegener pulled up to [the] house on the golf cart. They began to hang out. Wegener said he was going to kill the chickens in [the] yard. Wegener went to his golf cart and retrieved a Canadian Mist bottle filled with black powder, sand, and a green fuse,” an affidavit detailed.

TC Palm reported that Wegener allegedly lit the fuse and threw the IED in the backyard. Childs claimed the explosion left a 3-foot hole in his backyard.

“I was pretty mad at him. I told him don’t do it again,” Childs said.

Childs allegedly told authorities that Wegener left some of the items at his home. According to documents, police located a 1-pound bag of explosive black powder, 8-feet of “cannon fuse,” and a coffee cup filled with sand at the man’s residence.

Wegener was charged Friday with possession or discharge of a destructive device. He’s being held on $30,000 bond.

[Featured Image: Scott Frederick Wegener/Fort Pierce Police Department]