4-time killer ‘Affluenza’ teen set to walk free

Ethan Couch, the Texas man who was 16 when he caused the DUI crash that killed four, will be released next month after serving less than two years in prison.

Couch, now 20, served 720 days in Tarrant County Jail in Fort Worth, Texas, for violating his probation in 2015. After attending a party where alcohol was served, Couch and his mother, Tanya Couch, fled to Mexico until February 2016, the Star-Telegram reported.

In 2013, Couch was driving a Ford F-350 pickup that collided with a group of people who were helping a stranded motorist. A psychologist who testified at Couch’s manslaughter’s trial claimed the then-teen suffered from “affluenza syndrome,” meaning he didn’t understand right from wrong due to his wealthy upbringing, according to CBS News.

Tensions soared when a judge ordered Couch to attend rehab at an upscale California facility.

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office spokesman David McClelland confirmed to the Star-Telegram that Couch’s release date is April 2. With his release quickly approaching, a friend of a man killed in the 2013 crash said he’s hopeful that Couch has turned his life around.

“The fact is he caused my best friend’s wife to be a widow, he caused my best friend’s kids to not have a dad,” Tim Williams told KXAS.

Williams became a visiting chaplain at the jail and has visited Couch almost every week since April 2016.

“I think that Ethan is now a young man that has the potential to bring life, to be quote ‘the good citizen’, the good friend, a good man, and maybe someday a good father,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Texas man’s mother is charged with hindering apprehension of a felon and money laundering in connection with the escape to Mexico. She remains free on bond.

[Featured Image: Ethan Couch/ Tarrant County Jail]