Parents allegedly left their urine-soaked, freezing infants in backseat of garbage-filled car

A  Tennessee couple was arrested early Wednesday in Kentucky after officers allegedly found their 6-month-old twins soaked in urine and sitting in the backseat of a cluttered car.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, police responded to the Speedway in Versailles following reports that a couple was parked at a gas pump for several hours. There, officers allegedly found Crystal Cramer and Christopher Smith’s Oldsmobile Cutlass, which they said was broken down and they were working to get fixed.

At one point, the couple mentioned their kids, leading officers to ask them where they were. They pointed to the backseat of the car—which was covered with garbage bags and clothes, WKYT reported.

“At first, I thought she was referring to inside the store, but she clarified the kids were under the piles of clothes in the back seat of the vehicle,” the responding officer wrote.

Officers allegedly had to dig through the vehicle to locate both infants. According to the Herald-Leader, police said the babies were “in grave danger of suffocation.”

The arrest report noted that the infants’ feet and hands were purple from the 30-degree weather. The babies were only wearing tank tops that were completely soaked with urine, the report also said.

WLEX reported that the parents told officers that their children were fine and that they would check on them every 50 miles. However, officers were unconvinced and took the pair into custody on charges of wanton endangerment and criminal abuse.

Upon arriving at the jail, police reportedly located methamphetamine in Cramer’s purse, leading them to also charge her with possession of a controlled substance and promoting prison contraband.

Reports indicated that the infants are in protective custody. Their condition is not immediately known.

[Featured Image: Crystal Cramer, Christopher Smith/Versailles police]