Police link possible EIGHTH victim to accused serial killer Bruce McArthur

A man who disappeared in 2013 during a trip to Toronto could be alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur’s eighth victim.

So far, McArthur, 66, is facing six murder charges for slayings dating back to 2010. However, last month, Toronto police asked for the public’s help in identifying a John Doe they believe the landscaper also killed, according to the Daily Mail.

McArthur, who moved to Toronto in the 2000s, is accused of meeting his victims through gay dating apps or in the city’s “Gay Village.” Many of the 66-year-old’s supposed victims are men of South Asian or Middle Eastern descent who frequented the gay district, the tabloid reported.

Recently, another man has been linked to the accused serial killer. Judi Riley told the Associated Press that her brother, Jon, had disappeared while on vacation in Toronto five years earlier. Though her family filed a police report, she said that she received no answers until recently.

Police reportedly called Judi, who lives in Hawaii, and explained that they believe McArthur had more than seven victims and that they’re looking into missing person cases like her brother’s for leads. AP noted that Jon, 47, had spent time in hostels and shelters located in the Gay Village.

While Judi told CBC News last month that Jon (pictured left) wasn’t gay, she claimed he visited to find landscaping work—the same profession as McArthur. McArthur’s landscaping business was tiny but he occasionally hired workers. One of his employees was a 40-year-old man who disappeared in 2010.

Judi told AP that police have requested photos of Jon and asked about identifying marks. Police have also asked to look at his computer, she said.

Due to McArthur’s age, experts are confident that more than seven victims as serial killers typically don’t start their murderous sprees later on in life. Aside from Toronto, authorities are investigating missing person cases elsewhere in Canada as well as Italy and Mexico, where McArthur traveled.

“Whether [Jon’s presumed death] was at the hands of a serial killer or not, we’re still without a brother. We’re without a brother and we’re without answers,” Judi commented.

“He’s not in our lives and we don’t know where he is and it’s a horrible feeling.”


[Featured Image: Jon Riley/Facebook; Bruce McArthur/Police handout]