Four masked robbers break into Walmart pharmacy, steal narcotic-filled locker: Police

Police said the stolen locker was equipped with GPS, allowing them to track down the suspects

Texas police arrested two suspects and are searching for two more people after they allegedly broke into Walmart pharmacy early Friday and stole a locker full of narcotics.

According to KHOU, the incident occurred just before 3 a.m at the Houston Walmart in the 8200 block of Barker Cypress. Police said that four masked assailants used crowbars to break into the pharmacy and steal a locker filled with narcotics. The lockers are used to store stronger drugs located in the pharmacy.

Employees were supposedly inside the store at the time but it’s unclear whether they witnessed the incident as it unfolded.

Harris County deputies said they were able to track down the suspects because the locker in their possession was equipped with a GPS device. Following a high-speed chase, the suspects allegedly pulled over on Linn Street near the Fifth Ward area and took off on foot.

KIAH reported that police deployed K9 units and helicopters to find two of the four the suspects. According to KTRK, one of the suspects was bitten by a K9.

Police told KHOU that prosecutors will decide whether the suspects will be charged with burglary or robbery.

[Featured Image: KTRK video screenshot]