High-roller celebrating $96K settlement with prostitutes robbed of all his money in apparent setup, police say

New York City police said a Bronx man who decided to celebrate a $96,000 settlement with three prostitutes was robbed of all his winnings Sunday night in a possible setup.

The New York Post reports that Saul Mata Vellegas, 30, was carrying the large sum of money in a suitcase when he checked into a Bronx motel and elicited the services of three women. Sources told the newspaper that Vellegas had sex with the three women before they suggested that a friend come over with cigarettes and beer.

Instead of cigarettes and beer, a group of masked, armed assailants burst into the motel room and exited with the cash-filled suitcase, according to police. Reports stated that the suspects fled the scene in a black minivan and remain on the run.

Hoping for leads, New York City police have released images showing the alleged gunmen and the three women Vellegas hired on that fateful night. Police said all four suspects are wanted for questioning, according to the newspaper.

Meanwhile, Vellegas said he remains “haunted” by the harrowing ordeal that has also left him in a state of panic. Police said that the $96,000 settlement was from a car accident but wouldn’t say much outside of that.

“I keep playing it over in my mind.  I was surprised they pulled a gun,” the Bronx man told the Post.

“I was depending on that money to move my family…I keep replaying it over and over. I see the weapon they used clearly over and over. I needed that money badly.”


[Featured Image: Saul Mata Vellegas (center), two suspects (left, right)/Deputy Commissioner, Public Information]