On the run: Police search for wild turkey that broke into home & admired itself in mirror

Police in Maine are reportedly searching for a wild turkey that broke into a Kennebunk home before taking off.

The Kennebunk Police Department wrote on their Facebook page Wednesday that they were looking for a “peeping Tom” that had “forcibly” entered a home through a bedroom window. Images provided by police department showed a busted-out screen and broken glass near a turkey standing on a bed as it looks into a mirror.

Police also provided a black-and-white “sketch” of the suspect in hopes that someone will recognize him and come forward.

“We have attached an artist rendering of the suspect based on pictures from the crime scene,” they wrote.

“Please be on the lookout.”

This morning, officers responded to a suspicious incident in town. This peeping "Tom" took it one step further and…

Posted by Kennebunk Police Department on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


[Featured Image: Kennebunk Police Department]