Little girl, 7, dies after playing hanging prank on mom: Police

A 7-year-old Queens girl has died days after a hanging prank left her brain dead, her family said.

Precise Tucker allegedly tied a bathrobe sash around her neck Wednesday to play a prank on her mother, which is something the little girl often did. Police sources told the New York Post that Tucker was in the kitchen when she tied the other end of the sash around the handle of a refrigerator door as she ate chips.

The girl’s mother, Purity Baldwin, 39, reportedly told her daughter to stop and left the kitchen. The girl apparently still had the sash around her neck. Moments later, Tucker reportedly choked on a Dorito chip and couldn’t breathe.

The little girl’s 15-year-old brother allegedly saw his little sister struggling to breathe and ran out of the apartment to get help. The Times Ledger reported that a neighbor, a former EMT, cleared Tucker’s throat and performed CPR until crews arrived.

Tucker reportedly began breathing after the CPR but was placed on life support Thursday morning at Long Island Jewish Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Another report by Post stated that the girl was deemed brain dead later that day.

“They called in a brain specialist last night and she failed every test. He’s saying she’s brain-dead,” Tucker’s aunt told the newspaper through tears.

Sources also told the Post that Tucker would play pranks where she would appear dead or injured.

The girl’s heartbroken grandmother told the Daily News that Baldwin held out hope that her daughter would recover. The newspaper reported that the 7-year-old died in her mother’s arms.

She said, “She wanted to see if (Tucker) could come out of this. This is the daughter she always dreamed for.”

[Featured Image: Precise Tucker/Instagram]