Getting away with murder?: Marcia Clark talks losing O.J. Simpson trial & evidence she says could have convicted Casey Anthony

On Tuesday, Marcia Clark appears on the “Dr. Oz” show and opens up about what it was like to watch O.J. Simpson walk free after his high-profile murder trial and how she felt when justice came his way years later for a robbery charge.

Clark, who rose to fame as the prosecutor in the 1995 O.J. Simpson murder trial, was in attendance when Simpson was sentenced in 2008, stemming from a Las Vegas robbery charge.

Oz: “As the prosecutor in charge of that case, did you feel that justice was served when he was finally in prison, albeit for a different charge?”

Clark: “It had nothing to do with me, is all I felt. I mean, the crime…that occurred in Las Vegas, was on videotape and audio tape. I mean, it was, you know…it was on tape. It doesn’t get any more conclusive proof than that. So it was justice for that case. I cannot say that it was justice for mine.”

Oz: “No…It pains you obviously.”

Clark: “Terribly.”

Oz: “When that happened?”

Clark: “Terribly. Yeah, it was horrible. It was very, it was a devastating thing. I mean, I really believed in justice. I believed in our system. I believed in the truth and presenting the truth. And, you know, the fight that went on in that courtroom everyday…that was, and it was a courtroom that was out of control…it became a circus very quickly. It was very painful because I saw the truth getting trampled on a daily basis.”

Clark (con’t):  “So to go in and have to fight and fight and fight every single day was extremely painful, depressing, and frustrating thing. It was a tragedy really.”

Clark also touches on evidence left out of the Casey Anthony trial, which, in Clark’s opinion, could have swayed the jury to convict. According to Clark, evidence of an Internet search for “fool proof suffocation” was deleted from Casey Anthony’s computer. Previously, a defense attorney’s expert reportedly used a program that provided the incorrect time stamp. The incorrect time stamp placed Anthony’s father at the home alone.

Yet, Clark said evidence suggests that the search was actually done at a later time when Anthony was the only person in the home, while her father was at work.

“The search actually occurred after 2:00 p.m. at a point in time when we know George Anthony was at work and the only one home at that time, when foolproof suffocation was searched for, was Casey Anthony.”

“True Crime Tuesday: Marcia Clark Speaks Out On What You’ve Never Heard in OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony Cases”, airs on Dr. Oz on Tuesday, March 27. Check local listings for air times.

[Feature Photo: Marcia Clark via AP/Jordan Strauss/Invision]