‘You f***er!’: Beer heir accused of assaulting sixth-grader at basketball practice

An heir to the Anheuser-Busch beer company has been accused of physically assaulting his son’s sixth-grade classmate in Missouri.

Billy Busch, 58, allegedly made the boy’s nose bleed, dragged him by his shirt and then held him against a wall before other adults stepped in, the Riverfront Times reports, citing police documents. Busch faces an assault charge because of the November 2017 incident.

The junior Busch was allegedly fighting with the boy about who would be first in line for a basketball practice at Chaminade College Preparatory School in the St. Louis suburb of Creve Coeur. Busch, who is 6 feet tall and 195 pounds, decided to interject himself in the spat.

The boy told police officers that Busch swore at and physically injured him.

“You f***er!” Busch allegedly said. “What do you f***ing think you’re f***ing doing to my f***ing kid?”

Busch then allegedly assaulted the boy by grabbing his shirt and shoving him, according to police. The boy told police that he hit Busch on the temple and attempted to escape, but that Busch was holding onto his shirt.

“Mr. Busch pushed (the boy) into a wall at the base of a stairwell resulting in (the boy) hitting the back of his head against the wall. At that time (the boy’s) nose began to bleed,” a police report states.

The boy’s dad and a basketball coach were able to break up the skirmish and forced Busch to leave the gym. Surveillance cameras captured the children fighting each other as they sought places in line, the police report reads. The brawl with Busch also was recorded on video.

Busch’s version of the story was not as severe. He claimed he saw the boy push his son and then said something to the effect of, “hey, what are ya doin? You can’t do that sort of thing; it’s bullying,” the police report states.

Busch told officers that the boy attempted to hit him, which caused him to become aggressive.

He has a court appearance on Wednesday.

[Feature Photo: William K. Busch/YouTube Screenshot]