Cyberstalker lists ex on prostitution website, sends illegal drugs to her college address: Police

A New York man has reportedly admitted to harassing his ex-girlfriend by posting her information on a prostitution site and sending drugs to her college address.

Thomas Traficante, 23, of Sanford, was arrested late last year, after the State University of New York at Geneseo, the ex-girlfriend’s college, received a tip that the woman was obtaining illegal drugs in the mail. University staff saw a package sent to her home on November 2, prompting her to deny that she had purchased the drugs and explaining that she had recently split with Traficante, the Long Island Herald reported.

In addition to having her phone number published on, the victim continued to receive suspicious packages and her car window was shot out by a BB gun, the newspaper reported.

At one point, Traficante allegedly hacked into his ex’s Amazon account and ordered a book about stalking—titled I’m Watching You— and had it sent to her home.

“The investigation identified another victim who Traficante also subjected to similar digital harassment in 2014-2015 prior to harassing the (SUNY Geneseo) victim,” the plea agreement stated.

The Democrat & Chronicle reported that Traficante has not faced charges for the 2014-15 harassment.

However, Traficante has pleaded guilty to one count of cyberstalking and one count of distribution of a controlled substance. In turn, prosecutors are recommending a sentence of between 30 and 37 months.

As part of a plea deal, the 23-year-old reportedly admitted to sending his ex a screenshot of her location and asking “where she was.” He also confessed to sending threatening text messages to the victim and her classmates and roommates.

One message said, “There are various people among different orgs who have hurt me. My plan is to hurt them.”

Sentencing is scheduled for June.


[Featured Image: Thomas Traficante/Handout]