Mom films herself forcing booze down teen daughter’s throat as punishment for drinking, police say

A Kentucky mother is facing criminal charges for allegedly getting her 14-year-old daughter extremely intoxicated to teach her about the dangers of drinking alcohol.

According to WKYT, Miranda Polston, 34, caught her teen daughter drinking alcohol on March 10 and decided to film her punishment. Somerset police said the video shows the girl being held in a chair while someone provides her with copious amounts of alcohol.

The distressed victim can reportedly be heard gurgling before falling face first on the floor. People in the video are heard laughing in response, investigators alleged.

The station also reported that Polston said that she could be on MTV and get $1 million if she kept drinking.

Somerset Police Captain Mike Correll told the Lexington Herald-Leader that they were tipped off about the video. Police investigated the matter and ultimately obtained the aforementioned video, he said.

Polston allegedly told law enforcement that she wanted to teach her daughter that alcohol is bad for her.

At the time, probation officers had a warrant for Polston for allegedly violating the terms of her probation on an unrelated charge. Correll said probation officers served Polston that warrant along with the alcohol-related one.

Correll also said Social Services investigated the incident and that Polston doesn’t have custody of her daughter, according to the Herald-Leader.

Arrested on Tuesday morning and charged with first-degree criminal abuse, the Kentucky mother told WKYT from jail that she plans to fight the charges and believes she’s being portrayed unfairly.

[Featured Image: Miranda Polston/Pulaski County Detention Center]