Nurse who claimed Stephon Clark ‘deserved to die’ is fired

A nurse in California who said an unarmed black man whom police shot to death “deserved” to die has been fired, the Sacramento Bee reports.

The nurse, Faith Linthicum, reportedly wrote a comment on her since-deleted Facebook about the March 18 police-involved shooting of 22-year-old Stephon Clark.

“Yeah but he was running from the police jumping over fences and breaking in peoples houses…why run??!!! He deserved it for being stupid,” Linthicum wrote.

An online activist, Christina Arechiga, saw the comment and drew attention to it on social media, noting Linthicum’s role as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente’s Roseville Medical Center in the labor and delivery unit.

“How can we trust our lives, the lives of our black and brown babies to these people? Nurses are supposed to help people not be happy when people die,” Arechiga wrote.

Hospital officials initially put Linthicum on administrative leave while the matter was investigated, and then on Thursday, the hospital announced that she had been fired.

“Kaiser Permanente does not tolerate hate or discrimination…We want to emphasize that the comments expressed by this employee, who is no longer with the organization, do not in any way reflect Kaiser Permanente’s views or actions,” a hospital spokesperson said in a written statement to the newspaper.

Arechiga also highlighted other controversial remarks by Linthicum, including the comments “Can we protest the deaths of all the people shot by black people too?” and “He’ll (sic) yeah!!! Build that wall Mr. President!! #prototypeshopping.”

Clark was killed by officers in Sacramento in the backyard of his girlfriend’s house. Police thought he was armed and shot at him 20 times, but all he was holding was a cell phone.



[Feature image: Faith Linthicum/Instagram]