Cult allegedly drugs, kidnaps man for five days & turns him against family

A Central Texas family is speaking out years after they say their son was drugged by a cult and held captive in their compound for several days.

KVUE reported that Jordan Reichenberger, 27, was reported missing in 2016, days after he went to downtown Austin on Halloween to preach the Bible. Prior to his disappearance, Reichenberger supposedly informed his family that he had gone with some members of the Church of Wells to their East Texas location.

The man’s brother, father, and several of his friends reportedly traveled to the compound after not hearing from him for five days. Reichenberger’s brother told KVUE that they spoke with Church of Wells members before arriving.

“When families show up angry like ‘hey give us our person back, give us our kid back’, the cult would be like ‘oh look how angry your family is.’ So, that’s why we went with friendship, love,” Ian said.

After several hours—which included some heated discussion—church members reportedly allowed the 27-year-old to leave.

“People were so surprised we got him back. They’re like ‘you seriously got him out of there?’,” the man’s brother said.

Drug tests conducted shortly after Reichenberger’s rescue indicated that he had sleeping pills and muscle relaxers in his system. Reichenberger said he would never voluntarily take any pills and that the church provided him with food and water during those five days.

The family said they’ve relayed this information to law enforcement.

Alarmingly, another family recently stepped forward and claimed that their loved one is being held against her will at the Texas church.

Parents Andy and Patty Grove said their daughter, Catherine, joined the Church of Wells six years earlier. While she appears to have joined the congregation voluntarily, Andy said there’s evidence that she’s attempted to escape on at least two occasions.

The heartbroken mother told KVUE, “I honestly believe that my daughter was drugged at the beginning and there’s some reason why she decided to escape four times and she’s asked to go to a women’s shelter twice.”

Catherine’s parents claimed they haven’t seen her in more than a year. The news station reported that Catherine has a son that Andy and Patty have never met.

“Abhorrent. It’s a real shame that people can be doing that kind of stuff in the name of God,” Reichenberger said.

[Featured Image: Jordan Reichenberger/KVUE video screengrab]