Ex-cop steals $150K at traffic stops & splits the money with drug dealers: DA

An ex-Georgia officer who reportedly had ties to drug dealers is accused of seizing money from their rivals during traffic stops then splitting the money with her shady associates.

Per the Atlanta Journal-Consitution, Lori Monique Johnson, 33, is accused of conducting at least two stops between April 29, 2014, and March 13, 2015, involving drug dealers. The former DeKalb County officer is believed to have stolen $150,000 during these illegal traffic stops.

In a separate incident, the District Attorney’s Office—who worked with the FBI—said Johnson went to another officer’s stop and stole money.

The indictment alleged that Johnson would target drug dealers as they would be unlikely to report the theft. The ex-officer is also accused of giving her ally drug dealers the money and taking a cut for herself, according to WAGA.

Johnson resigned from the force last October while under investigation. According to WXIA, a Dekalb County grand jury announced Friday that they’ve indicted the former officer on charges of violating the Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and 13 counts of violating an oath as a public officer.

Chief of Police James W. Conroy addressed the allegations in the following statement:

“The Reprehensible actions of Ms. Johnson are unacceptable and do not reflect the high standards of the DeKalb County Police Department. Her actions tarnish the reputations and service which is demonstrated by our honorable law enforcement officers each and every day. Trust, transparency, and accountability make up the foundation of our department and corruption will not be tolerated which is reflected by our active participation in the investigation.”

Johnson turned herself in on Friday and was released the following day after posting bond.

[Featured Image: Lori Monique Johnson/DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office]