Man accusing ‘Melrose Place’ star Jamie Luner of sexual assault has long history of filing bogus lawsuits: Reports

The man accusing “Melrose Place” star Jamie Luner of sexually assaulting him when he was a teen has apparently filed so many lawsuits that a judge must approve any other cases he files before a court accepts any other claims from him.

According to TMZ, Anthony Oliver filed over 20 lawsuits during the past several years on a wide issues of different claims. The courts reportedly tossed out several of his cases for being frivolous and/or without merit, which include in part claims that a sheriff beat him up, a roommate stole his identity, unlawful marketing from excessive text messages, and numerous other cases.

One of the cases, according to NBC News 3, occurred in 2017 in Savannah, Georgia, after Oliver accused a sheriff of throwing him to the ground while a probation officer kicked him in the ribs.

“Once I was down on the ground a probation officer came and kicked me in the right rib cage and then they jumped on top of me,” Oliver said at the time.

Oliver reportedly told TMZ that his brother “Tony” is the one who filed the previous lawsuits. Page Six reports that Oliver couldn’t provide contact information or a photo of his brother when asked.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Oliver filed a lawsuit against actress Jamie Luner this week, alleging that she took advantage of him in 1998 when he attended a party at home. The lawsuit follows a police report filed by Oliver last month, according to TMZ, although the LAPD confirmed they haven’t opened a criminal investigation into the matter.

According to court documents, Luner threw the party for the success of “Melrose Place” at the time, a hit 1990s television series that she starred in as Lexi Serling. Anthony claimed that Luner called him “adorable,” then had her makeup artist pour him an alcoholic drink, despite him telling her that he was 16. Oliver said Luner then took him to her bedroom, where she pulled out a bag of “crystal meth” and told him “it’s going to make you horny.”

Oliver said he refused the drugs, opting instead for Tylenol, which he claimed was laced with meth. He asserted Luna, dressed in a “kitty cat outfit,” started seducing him afterward by licking his neck, chest and stomach before removing his pants and underwear. Luner then performed oral sex on Anthony, the lawsuit asserts, while her makeup artist joined in.

Anthony said he ended up having sex with the actress numerous times, who allegedly told him “come bend me over the couch and ram me.”

“Plaintiff is left not knowing if he is attracted to men, women or both,” the lawsuit read.

Anthony claimed that his addiction to alcoholism stemmed from the alleged sexual encounters with Luner. He’s now suing for sexual battery and emotional distress.

“All of these allegations are completely unfounded and we believe part of a targeted extortion scheme,” Luner’s rep told TMZ. “Anthony Oliver has a history of filing lawsuits, and has filed 27 federal lawsuits in the past 8 years.”

Further, Page Six reports that a source close to the actress claimed that the home Oliver spoke about wasn’t purchased by Luner until the early 2000s, despite the plaintiff saying the incident took place in the home in 1998.

[Feature Photo: Anthony Oliver, YouTube Screenshot/Jamie Luner via AP/Casey Rodgers/Invision for Nokia]